Lux Magazine, 2016

A Contemporary Scottsdale Residence with Glamorous, Zen-Inspired Interiors

  • Practiced meditators believe in the life-changing power of inner stillness. Among its many other benefits, they say, it can also loosen fixed viewpoints and open us to other possibilities. California-based designer Stewart Allen, a meditation practitioner for 25 years, knows this to be true...

Press democrat, 2023

Healdsburg designer taps local artisans for singular touches

  • With almost any project, interior designer Stewart Allen likes to incorporate extraordinary surprises. Think of it as artistic Easter eggs tucked within a home, but of the Faberge quality. A table with a base carved to look like driftwood. Chairs meticulously crafted for the express comfort of the client. A bronze sink inset into a floating countertop so ...

Carmel Magazine, 2023

Architectural Reflections: Combining Client Aspirations with a Sense of Place

Lux Magazine

Gold List Honoree in Interior Design: Stewart Edward Allen Designs